A woman who is independent is breathtakingly attractive to a man. This is a fact that many women do not seem to realise because the wrong perception prevails in our modern times that men are intimidated by a strong woman. Before I delve right into the facts, I want to share an interesting definition of an ‘Independent Woman’ based on my research of this topic.

An independent woman takes charge of her life and knows her worth. She is not easily swayed or concerned by what others think. But most importantly she is at a level of comfort with herself that allows her to exude a certain aura that commands admiration and respect, and men find these qualities utterly attractive.

Attraction lies at the heart of a man’s love for an independent woman. Let me explain: attraction is a primal element in any relationship. It is the foundation for finding a romantic partner. Men are naturally drawn to certain qualities, which are often found in independent women. They include: confidence, strength (yet femininity), wittiness, passion, and being supportive. These characteristics form strong relationships, built to last.

1. Confident, Independent-Minded Women

A confident woman stands out in a crowd. Independent-minded, she defies the norms simply by the way she styles herself, expresses her opinion, and makes decisions in her life. According to lead author, Matthew Hornsey, a social psychologist at the University of Queensland in Australia, “The old-fashioned gender stereotype—that men go for conformist, submissive women—has been slow to die”. Research commonly shows that breaking the rules are a good measure of status and power, and men are intrigued by women who unabashedly display these qualities.

2. Strong yet Feminine Women

A woman who is secure, smart with life decisions, and can take care of herself is a strong woman. Her independence in no way diminishes her femininity and men can sense that. It’s the way you rise to the challenge, take care of business and hold your own without collapsing. When it’s adorned with a nurturing attitude that shows feminine vulnerability, it prompts men to want to be strong for you too.

3. Witty, Playful Women

A woman who can engage in clever banter, who makes quick-witted quips in a playful gesture is adored by men. A sense of humour is the most attractive quality a woman can have, especially while she juggles a demanding career. If you can laugh at a guy’s jokes and fire back with artful quips, it shows your ability to be light-hearted when the situation calls for it. This balance between work and play can strengthen a relationship.

4. Passionate about Her Dreams and Goals

A woman who actively pursues her dreams and goals often shows it with a passion and zest for life that is irresistible to men. You become fully alive when you take pride in what you do and this excitement is infectious. In a study done by University of Texas psychologist, David Buss, it showed that “when men ranked traits that were important in a marital partner, there had been a striking rise in the importance they gave to women’s earnings,” which falls in line with a driven spirit. When you focus on your goals, ventures, and aspirations, it opens the door to success, and men admire this purposeful quality.

5. Supportive Women

A woman who is able to show support to her partner when he experiences setbacks is a positive quality that is disarming and attractive to men. According to Psychology Today: “This is one of the evolutionary functions of support: it helps people recover from adversity and increases their chances to survive. Being a supportive woman makes you more attractive because, over time, a supportive partner is perceived as a confidence builder,” and men seek this quality in a mate.

Men love women who bring certain qualities from their successful careers into their relationships. These qualities depict a woman’s passion in pursuing her goals. A woman needs to be smart to be successful, have integrity to stand behind her decisions, and command solid principles to become a trusted partner both in her career and relationship.