Recently I had the opportunity to sneak away on a little city escape to Luxembourg with my partner. This small state in the heart of Western Europe has a lot to offer. Following my trip, I decided to put together a 2-day itinerary for Luxembourg that hopefully serves you as inspiration to go visit this lovely place. For some reason, it’s still flying under the radar of mainstream tourism.

Day 1: The major sights, shopping and extraordinary dining of Luxembourg

After landing at Luxembourg airport, we checked in at Hotel Le Place D’Armes. We couldn’t have made a better choice: The hotel is perfectly located right in the centre of Luxembourg and the rooms are absolutely beautiful! As I had some work to finish over the weekend, I was very pleased to have such a nice home office. The breakfast in the hotel’s café is fantastic and offers a wide range of delicious dishes. If Le Place is booked, Hotel Le Royal is an excellent alternative.

Hotel room at Hotel Le Place D'Armes travel guide to Luxembourg

Hotel room at Hotel Le Place D’Armes, Luxembourg

I began the next day with a stroll through the Old City of Luxembourg. It’s UNESCO World Heritage for a good reason. Most of the buildings date from around the 16/17th century, with a few medieval structures in between. The Notre Dame cathedral is worth seeing from the inside and the fabulous Grand Ducal Palace, a vivid part of Luxembourg’s colourful history, deserves a visit also.

If you’re interested in the town’s origins, The Hollow Tooth is a remnant of Luxembourg’s old Bock casemate defense system that was destroyed in the 19th century. The real sight are the underground casemates, although the tower makes a much better photo motive.

After this intense cultural intake, unwind with a tasty Italian lunch at Bottega Mi E Ti. Spend the afternoon discovering Luxembourg’s shopping scene, with all the high-end flagship stores with brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton, as well as many French-style boutiques like Majo, Sandro and Tara Jarmon. What makes shopping in Luxembourg unique, however, are all the small boutique shops you can discover in the small side alleys of the city centre. I got lost for hours and in the end, I bought much more than I had planned.

After a long day on your feet, you will welcome dinner like a godsend. If you want to treat yourself to excellent service and immaculate food in an intimate and romantic atmosphere, look no further than Mosconi. The Italian lady, a very flamboyant character who runs the place with her partner, takes your orders and looks after your every wish during the evening. A perfect end to an active day.

Day 2 – A road trip to the countryside of Luxembourg

If the weather is good, hire a rental car and head out to the gorgeous countryside. Luxembourg has a surprisingly diverse landscape, along with countless fortresses and castles that tell the war-riddled story of the country. Although a small nation, Luxembourg was the center of many political disputes of the surrounding superpowers France, Prussia, Spain and the Netherlands. In 1867, there were more military buildings in the country than civilian ones – and now they’re all yours to explore.

We stopped in four villages along the way. Esch-sur-Sure is a sleepy, friendly settlement with an old ruin and plenty of lookouts to enjoy the scenery. Mullerthal is a natural beauty offering a pretty river with many waterfalls. We went on a little hike here before we had lunch at the cosy but yummy Le Cigalon.

In the afternoon, it was time to have a closer look at some of the fortresses. Veianen boasts a wildly romantic medieval castle, overlooking the picture-perfect village that’s neatly embedded into the surrounding hills. Victor Hugo spent a few months writing here, a fact, which the village takes a lot of pride in. They even have a statue of him.

Clervaux also has a castle, but this one is white and looks less like a fortress but more like an over-sized mansion. Together with the abbey of St Maurice and St Maur, it rises out of the otherwise wooded valley and offers a dramatic sight from afar and stunning views from the hilltops.

Dinner at Le Sud. Travel guide to Luxembourg

Dinner at Le Sud, Luxembourg

After our little cruise around Luxembourg, we returned to the city for a last fantastic dinner at Le Sud. We enjoyed a 3-course dinner, accompanied by excellent wines our friendly waiter recommended to match our courses.

The next day, we were sad to leave Luxembourg after such a short time. I’m looking forward to return one day – maybe again in Spring?