10 tips to help you comfortably (that’s right!) wear heels at work all day long.

Beauty is pain they say, and, ladies, we’ve probably all known this to be true at some point or another. Maybe you squeeze your feet into those strappy little black heels in order to pull together that perfect outfit for the night out. But is it worth it to suffer and limp throughout the workday? There’s no question that high heels have the power to help us women feel confident and stylish, especially at work, but this rarely comes without a price. From blisters and aching feet to awkward struts or spontaneous barefoot walks home, we often simply accept the side effects of wearing heels. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

To begin with, educate yourself on the many different types of heels. Just as heels come in many shapes and sizes – so do feet! With a proper fitting, you can become a more informed shopper and avoid the pains (literally) and pitfalls that a poorly sized shoe or unsuitable heel may come with. And, no, I’m not now going to tell you to revert to commuter-friendly flats or sacrifice style for comfort at work. In fact, I’ve come up with a list of ten tips and tricks to make wearing even the highest of heels more bearable for the office. Keep your focus on fashion and, most importantly, keep your lovely stash of heels, because these genius hacks will sweep you right off your sore feet.

  1. Tape your toes together. That’s right, by taping your third and fourth toes together you can help to alleviate some of the stress and pain held in the ball of your foot. There’s a nerve that splits between those two particular toes, which causes pain when pressure is applied. When taped together, the strain on that nerve is removed.
  1. Stretch out your heels in the freezer. That’s right, the freezer. Fill small plastic bags with water and place them into the toes of your heels. Keep the heels in the freezer over night. As the water bags freeze and expand they will help to slightly stretch out the heels and add more room for your toes.
  1. Stretch out your heels with a sock and blow-dryer. Simply don a thick sock (or two or three if necessary) and point the blow-dryer at tight areas or problem areas that rub and cause annoyances. Keep the shoes on as they cool and walk in them to test for comfort. This is also a great tip to use to break in new, never-been-worn shoes.
  1. Rub lip balm on the back of your heels to prevent blisters. You can also use deodorant or dry shampoo to keep your feet dry and avoid slipping and extra movement throughout the day. It’s also worth mentioning that this is a fantastic way to keep your tootsies smelling extra clean. Because no one wants to be that girl.
  1. Sandpaper the soles of your heels. Use a sheet of sandpaper to gently rough up the bottom of your heels. This will help to add traction, ultimately giving you better grip and helping to prevent a possible workday embarrassment. That in itself is a huge added comfort, right?
  1. Invest in foot petals or insoles. Nowadays, there are a variety of products to choose from to target nearly all problem spots caused by high heels. Experiment with different brands and shapes to see what works best for you and your shoe collection.
  1. Walk heel to toe, not toe to heel. The way you walk actually does matter, and not only will this help prevent you from falling, but will also help to alleviate some of the pressure you place on your feet. There are a ton of videos online that demonstrate how to walk heel to toe by standing up straight and shifting your weight.
  1. Lose an inch. This one’s pretty simple. Just by taking your workweek heels down an inch, you’ll gain a great deal of comfort and may find yourself breezing throughout the office with ease. Save your 4-inch stilettos for the weekends.
  1. Rotate your heels often. By keeping several different types of heels in rotation throughout the workweek you’re less likely to develop calluses, pesky blisters or sore spots. So, yes, switch up your shoe game for both style and
  1. Finally, if all else fails, a high-quality pair of heels is definitely worth the investment.

So ladies, wear the heel and don’t let the heel wear you. An elegant pair of heels is the perfect way to complete any work outfit and to help you ooze confidence and glam. Simply love your feet and they will love you back.