We all know that it is an absolute necessity to have a little black dress and a great pair of flats in our wardrobes, but what about when it comes to jewelry and accessories? For any stylish woman to look her very best, there are a few basic items that help to compliment nearly anything she wears or, in some cases, simply make the outfit. Jewelry and accessories serve as the icing on the cake, if you will. Owning the “basics” can help to ensure that you’ve always got your T’s crossed when it comes to completing a great look.

These ten accessories are not going out of style any time soon, making them “must-haves” for the modern-day woman.

  1. An oversized bag. A large statement bag can bring any outfit from boring and drab to fab. Black is a classic color that can go with nearly any outfit you may choose. However, a colorful bag can be used to bring in a pop of colour. It’s an added bonus that a large bag allows for you to throw in nearly any goody you want to take along.
Balenciaga Oversized bag

Balenciaga – textured-leather oversized bag

  1. The ultimate touch of femininity- Pearls. Pearls are the most classic of accessory of them all, and they are the perfect “ladylike” addition to any outfit. This has been proven to be true by many of the world’s most fashionable women such as Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn. A pearl necklace, bracelet or pearl earrings all provide that perfect touch of class. This would be a great jewelry item to “splurge” on, but, there are many more affordable options out there as well.
  1. A patterned, silk scarf. Scarves aren’t always for keeping your neck warm. A silky scarf can be worn to make any outfit a bit fancier or bring a fun pattern into the mix.  Scarves can be found for relatively cheap, so this is a great accessory to switch up throughout the seasons or through the ever-changing trends.  
Hermes scarf

Hermes scarf

  1. A classic watch. Although smartphones have taken away the real “need” for watches, they are still a timeless fashion piece. Every woman should have a watch that they will never want to get rid of; a watch that goes perfectly with a button down and jeans or any workweek outfit for the office. This may also be a great item to treat yourself to and spend a little extra on. Buying a watch that you’ll cherish forever will be a purchase well made.
  1. A good pair of hoops. A classic pair of hoops will never go out of style. Dress them or up dress them down, hoops can be worn anytime anywhere. Hoops in particular look great on women with short hair or as addition to a ponytail or updo. It’s a great idea to invest in both a gold and silver pair to go with any outfit. 
  1. A simple, evening clutch. Hitting the town for a night out? Leave the oversized bag at home and grab your evening clutch. A clutch can be used as a statement piece to an outfit or to compliment a fabulous piece of jewelry or pair of shoes.
Stella McCartney clutch

Stella McCartney clutch

  1. A proper pair of sunglasses. And by proper I mean a pair of sunglasses that fits your face type and style best. You’re never fully dressed without a killer pair of shades. Tortoise color is a classic, but what looks best on you can really vary depending upon complexion and hair color.
  1. A small collection of skinny belts. Whether you want to accentuate your waist in a sheath dress for work or simply accent a favorite pair of casual slacks, a skinny belt is usually always the answer. Black leather is a good option for everyday or professional wear, and colorful neon brights are great for nighttime or play.
Etro belt

Etro belt

  1. Bold and easy-to-style bangle bracelets. Dress up your wrist with some arm candy in the shape of an oversized bangle or a stack of mixed bangle. It’s always great to layer up, but never underestimate the simplicity and classiness of a great single bracelet. These accessories are currently super trendy, which means an enormous selection to shop from.

And finally..

  1. The perfect pair of black tights. This one is a no-brainer. Black tights will always be needed. Buy them in bulk!