Why I fell in Love With Rome

Jun 23rd, 2016 Travel Roksana Fasovska 7 min read

Often, a destination is built up to be SO incredibly amazing that it runs the risk of it being disappointing once you are finally there. Well, I can safely assure you that Rome is not one of those places. I recently had the pleasure of visiting and fell in love with the city for many reasons. I have nothing but amazing memories and can’t wait to…


10 Tips For The Best Holiday Yet

May 31st, 2016 Inspiration, Travel Roksana Fasovska 7 min read

Taking a holiday soon? Good for you! Holidays help us to keep a healthy work-life balance while also allowing us to rack up life-long memories and see different parts of the world. As I’m sure we all know, a holiday isn’t just about the sun, the sea and the adventure; it’s also a time to take a break from everyday life and reenergise. However, with…

Business Travel Tips

How to Keep Sane During Business Travel

May 10th, 2016 Travel, Work Roksana Fasovska 5 min read

If you log a lot of miles traveling for work and (hopefully!) a little pleasure, you will likely know just how gruelling business travel can be. Between delayed flights, sleeping on planes, the constant search for a plug to charge your phone and the struggle to catch a good meal, business travel is not always a pleasant experience. Business travel doesn’t always have to be…

Tips For Spending The Day in Ancient Athens

Mar 28th, 2016 Inspiration, Travel Roksana Fasovska 5 min read

Recently I visited Athens, the beautiful and edgy capital of Greece.  The city is known for being the “cradle of modern civilisation” and the birthplace of democracy, theatre, arts, competitive sport, and many other cultural highlights. Athens is a hotpot of Antiquity and Byzantine history, boasting architectural highlights from Greco-Roman and Neoclassical to modern day. If you prefer a combination of impressive historical sights, a…

Top 7 Luxury City Breaks in Europe

Top 7 Luxury City Breaks in Europe for 2016

Mar 16th, 2016 Life, Travel Roksana Fasovska 6 min read

As we get busy planning our holidays and city breaks in 2016, I decided to write a blog to give you some inspiration on the cities you could visit across Europe. I put together a list of seven luxury city breaks which were based on popular online votes and special awards given, and a few of which I have visited and loved. Each city offers…