Tom Ford sunglasses

10 “Absolute” Accessories For The Modern Day Woman

Mar 22nd, 2016 Fashion, Inspiration Roksana Fasovska 6 min read

We all know that it is an absolute necessity to have a little black dress and a great pair of flats in our wardrobes, but what about when it comes to jewelry and accessories? For any stylish woman to look her very best, there are a few basic items that help to compliment nearly anything she wears or, in some cases, simply make the outfit….

High Heels

To Heel or Not To Heel?

Mar 8th, 2016 Fashion, Work Roksana Fasovska 5 min read

10 tips to help you comfortably (that’s right!) wear heels at work all day long. Beauty is pain they say, and, ladies, we’ve probably all known this to be true at some point or another. Maybe you squeeze your feet into those strappy little black heels in order to pull together that perfect outfit for the night out. But is it worth it to suffer…

How to dress to impress as a business woman

How to dress to impress as a business woman

Mar 6th, 2016 Fashion Roksana Fasovska 13 min read

The science of how to be dressed appropriately at work is one that has been well researched by many fashionistas around the world. It is also one of the most important questions for every women with a career. I personally follow two simple rules. Number one: Those items that are noticed first should be fancier. Think about what you notice first when you look at…

how to pack for a Business trip as a woman

How to pack for a business trip as a woman

Mar 16th, 2015 Travel Roksana Fasovska 5 min read

You probably know the feeling. You just checked in your luggage at the airport, you are heading for the coffee shop before you board your plane, and there it is, the one question: Did I pack everything I need? This question has seriously ruined more than one business trip for me. Also, the fact that I just mindlessly put random items into my suitcase the…