4 Tips for Sticking With Your New Year Resolutions

Jan 1st, 2016 Inspiration, Life Roksana Fasovska 6 min read

Is it the Champagne that fills our heads with lofty goals each year end? Or are we really serious when we make yet another New Year resolution? Judging from statistics, we are not kidding. Some say tradition and cultural conditioning are responsible for unmet New Year resolutions, but I think our psychological makeup might be the real driving force at hand. Our brains are hard…

how to pack for a Business trip as a woman

How to pack for a business trip as a woman

Mar 16th, 2015 Travel Roksana Fasovska 5 min read

You probably know the feeling. You just checked in your luggage at the airport, you are heading for the coffee shop before you board your plane, and there it is, the one question: Did I pack everything I need? This question has seriously ruined more than one business trip for me. Also, the fact that I just mindlessly put random items into my suitcase the…