Top 7 Luxury City Breaks in Europe

Top 7 Luxury City Breaks in Europe for 2016

Mar 16th, 2016 Life, Travel Roksana Fasovska 6 min read

As we get busy planning our holidays and city breaks in 2016, I decided to write a blog to give you some inspiration on the cities you could visit across Europe. I put together a list of seven luxury city breaks which were based on popular online votes and special awards given, and a few of which I have visited and loved. Each city offers…

Fitness apps for working mums

3 Amazing Fitness Apps that are perfect for Working Mums

Mar 15th, 2016 Beauty, Fitness, Life, Motherhood Roksana Fasovska 5 min read

In a constant productive chaos that is the life of a working mother, I find it hard to make room for regular workouts. Don’t get me wrong: I love my baby, I love my work, and I love my busy schedule. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But also, I really like being fit and healthy. So, how can us busy mothers integrate sports…

Baby Products you actually need to buy

8 Baby Products You Actually Need To Buy

Mar 13th, 2016 Baby, Motherhood Roksana Fasovska 8 min read

Prior to my son’s birth, I spent a lot of time researching what I would need to buy to keep my baby healthy, warm, clean, entertained, and most importantly happy. I was also keen (like all of us) to get him to sleep through the night, and to give both of us a much-needed rest. My son is the most important thing in my life,…

New Challenge

3 Ways to Know When You Are Ready for a New Challenge

Mar 9th, 2016 Work Roksana Fasovska 4 min read

Few of us are lucky enough to find jobs that we love at the start of our career. Testing out new work environments and opportunities is how we experience more personal growth. When you don’t try various options, you are likely to feel stuck in your job, waiting for that golden opportunity to tap into your true potential. But what if that moment never comes?…

High Heels

To Heel or Not To Heel?

Mar 8th, 2016 Fashion, Work Roksana Fasovska 5 min read

10 tips to help you comfortably (that’s right!) wear heels at work all day long. Beauty is pain they say, and, ladies, we’ve probably all known this to be true at some point or another. Maybe you squeeze your feet into those strappy little black heels in order to pull together that perfect outfit for the night out. But is it worth it to suffer…

Changing Industry

Changing Your Industry—So What’s the Big Deal?

Mar 7th, 2016 Work Roksana Fasovska 6 min read

After finishing university, I decided to pursue a career in accounting (yep, that’s right!!!) While there is nothing inherently wrong with accounting, those who know me would raise a collective eyebrow. Shortly afterwards, I realised that accounting just wasn’t for me. As luck (and a bit of “knocking on doors”) would have it, I was able to find a role in marketing within the same…

How to dress to impress as a business woman

How to dress to impress as a business woman

Mar 6th, 2016 Fashion Roksana Fasovska 13 min read

The science of how to be dressed appropriately at work is one that has been well researched by many fashionistas around the world. It is also one of the most important questions for every women with a career. I personally follow two simple rules. Number one: Those items that are noticed first should be fancier. Think about what you notice first when you look at…

Pregnant at Work

5 Ways to Stay Healthy while Pregnant at Work

Mar 5th, 2016 Baby, Motherhood, Work Roksana Fasovska 4 min read

The truth is being pregnant is one of the healthiest times for a woman, but it is also a time when we are the most challenged–emotionally, physically, and biologically. As a multi-tasking career mum, I discovered that many of the on- the-job challenges I faced while being pregnant at work could be averted with the right precautions and a few modifications to my duties. Here,…

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Davos Ski Holiday

All You Need To Know About a Ski Holiday To Davos

Jan 10th, 2016 Travel Roksana Fasovska 6 min read

My family and I spent our ski holiday in Davos, and if I had to pick one word to describe our entire experience, I would have to say it was wonderful! It wasn’t our first time to this spectacular winter wonderland. We came here last year when I was 9 months pregnant, and although we obviously didn’t ski at that time, we still managed to…