You probably know the feeling. You just checked in your luggage at the airport, you are heading for the coffee shop before you board your plane, and there it is, the one question: Did I pack everything I need?

This question has seriously ruined more than one business trip for me. Also, the fact that I just mindlessly put random items into my suitcase the night before I leave (or even in the morning!), never helped me relax when I am on the move.

But what do you actually need when you go out of town for business? In this article, I have listed

My personal business travel essentials.

1. Choose outfits with low maintenance

Be sure you choose your outfits wisely: Don’t pack anything that requires ironing. But if you absolutely must, always hang it up the night before and apply some water over the creases.  This works for me every time!

Combine colours of each piece so they all match. I highly recommend selecting items in neutral colours like navy, grey, beige or black. An app that helps me tremendously with matching and putting outfits together is called Stylebook.

When packing, always consider whether you could create another outfit out of your suitcase, should something go wrong with one of your components.

Lastly, don’t experiment. If you haven’t worn your new dress to work yet, leave it at home. Chances are that it may not look as good as you thought, and you are left with no alternatives.

2. Pack two pairs of high heels

Here, I speak out of personal experience: Never rely on only one pair of high heels when you are on a business trip. A few years ago, I attended a conference for several days in an area that had no shopping facilities. And one of my heels broke – an absolute disaster for my carefully planned outfits, as I had to wear flats with a dress that demanded anything but – you guessed it – flats!

Maybe I should explain why I think a spot-on travel wardrobe is key. Normally, you don’t go to different cities or countries just to have a normal working day. You end up meeting clients, business associates, and generally the type of people where making a good impression could be extremely important.

3. Use your accessories wisely

If you know your basic travel wardrobe components, you can proceed to choose your accessories. Jewellery should probably be less daring than at home, as you never know in what types of situations you may end up.

I’m a big fan of scarves. I always pack more than one. They make almost any outfit look more interesting and could help you to get away with the same outfit more than once.

Another accessory, and simultaneously a necessity, that gets neglected far too often is an adequate pair of tights. Never assume that one pair of tights will be enough – pack at least two for every event or meeting you attend. Ladders in your tights can ruin even the most favourable outfit – be on the safe side!

4. Have an emergency kit in your hand luggage

In case your luggage gets lost at the airport, be sure to pack an emergency kit that gets you through the next day. If you arrive at your destination late, and with no luggage, you probably don’t want to waste your precious time shopping for cosmetics.

My hand luggage always contains the following:

  • Small deodorant

  • BB cream, concealer, mascara, lipstick

  • Nail file

  • Small hair brush

  • Extra pair of tights

  • Small bottle of shampoo

  • Contact lens container and liquid

  • Travel size toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Refreshing towels

  • Ear plugs

5. Bring your comfy cloths

After a long and busy day, we all need some time to unwind and relax. This is why I always pack my favourite pair of pants and a t-shirt. They make me feel at home, no matter where I am. Watching TV, catching up on your social media, or doing yoga in your hotel room just isn’t the same when I am still wearing my business clothes.

Happy travelling, ladies!