While taking a break from my blog (yep, it has been almost two months of silence!), I have been focusing on a few new and exciting projects. One of these has been building and designing our new family home. My partner and I are always up for a challenge, so we decided to build not one, but two houses at the same time in two different locations. So, in the spirit of interior design and home decoration, I decided to write a blog about how to create a balanced home inspired by Feng shui.

If rejuvenating your life were as simple as re-arranging a few things in the home, would you do it? According to the ancient Chinese it just might be. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of balancing one’s physical environment in order to promote harmony and an overall sense of well-being. Everything from a home’s natural surroundings down to its furnishings and detailed décor all factor in. Those who practice feng shui believe that everyone and every little thing has a certain energy, or as they call it “chi,” and how we present ourselves and those objects can affect all aspects of our lives.

I realise that life isn’t perfect though, and noisy traffic, dog hair and a growing pile of children’s toys can all contribute to a less-than-blissful living space. While not all forces are within our control, small changes can help us to reach our inner “chi”. Before applying feng shui from floor to ceiling though, remember it’s not a cure-all for life’s many, many challenges. Harmony can be found through a variety of ways, but adding some Zen vibes to your home is a wonderful place to start.

1.) Make your entryway entrancing.

According to feng shui, the main doorway is the “mouth” of chi. Energy flows from the front door, and an open and inviting pathway allows for positive energy to flow into your home. It is also the place where you enter! Put a fresh coat of paint on the door, spruce of the welcome mat and add some bright, seasonal plants. Make it warm, appealing and a place that puts a smile on your face each time you come home. Want to increase the odds of opportunity to come knocking? Utilise the colour red, as it is said to attract energy, fortune and luck.

2.) Clear the clutter.

This one is a big deal and why I added it to the top of the list. In feng shui, a cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind and is said to suck up the energy in a space. If there’s any bit of clutter, even tucked away in a closet or garage, then it’s consequently cluttering your mind and body. Learn to downsize, buy less and re-organise often.

3. ) Care for your home the way you care for yourself.

Replace or fix anything that is broken, cracked, molding or in any state of despair. Our homes are often a mirror to both our inner and outer worlds- a reflection of our current state of mind. Take care of yourself; take care of your home! 

4.) Seek balance through the elements.

Make sure you have something representing all of the five elements of nature in every room: wood, earth, metal, fire and water. The goal of feng shui is to keep us grounded, centered and balanced, and nature helps to realign our energy field and make us feel whole. For example, you could place a wooden bowl filled with stone pebbles alongside candles and a pretty vase of flowers.

5.) Light up your home and life.

Bright lights can serve as the greatest manifestation of energy. According to feng shui, hallways represent the meridians, so make sure those are especially well lit. Natural sunlight is also wonderful for energising the quality of your home, and open windows help to keep the air fresh and full of oxygen.

6.) Make your bedroom a place of bliss.

Based on the principles of feng shui, the bedroom is the most important room in the home. Why? It is where we seek restoration and peace and, most importantly, where we dream. Make both sides of the bed approachable, leave technology and anything work related out of the room and be sure to use soft fabrics, fluffy pillows and minimally distracting décor to promote relaxation. 

7.) Update your colour scheme to your current taste.

Colour has a huge impact on our moods, and it’s therefore no surprise that we need to surround ourselves with different colours at different stages in our lives. Be sure to periodically pay attention to the emotions that certain colours are evoking and find one that helps you to feel happy and inspired.

8.) Live with what you love!

Remove anything that you may feel obligated to keep for whatever reason. Update your home to reflect who you are currently, not who you used to be or how you want others to see you.  Honour yourself and give yourself permission (yes, go shopping) to surround yourself with things that truly excite and motivate you. 

These eight simple tips make up the basics of feng shui. You can also see more helpful tips in this post. As we well know, small changes can lead to big shifts in your life. Give yourself the gift of loving your home and your living space!