My family and I spent our ski holiday in Davos, and if I had to pick one word to describe our entire experience, I would have to say it was wonderful! It wasn’t our first time to this spectacular winter wonderland. We came here last year when I was 9 months pregnant, and although we obviously didn’t ski at that time, we still managed to enjoy a few breathtaking winter hikes.

In case you’re planning your own winter ski holiday escape, here I share with you my journey to the largest resort town in the Alps and perhaps make your navigation a little easier.

Why Go On a Ski Holiday to Davos?

Davos is a surprisingly low-key yet world-class sporting destination. This mountain landscape offers an extraordinary array of amenities to compliment individual tastes for maximum enjoyment.  As the host to the World Economic Forum, it also receives much attention for its art-deco, modern Conference Centre, and many other iconic features that usually you wouldn’t find in a standard ski holiday resort.

Davos Dorf (town) stands at 1560 m, the highest in Europe, with an intoxicating views of mountain landscape and clear blue skies. The ambiance is simply magical. At the centre of town lies a wide range of accommodation facilities, shopping, dining, and entertainment options to cater for all type of traveller. Needless to say, I fell in love with the place, immediately.

Ski holiday to Davos

Davos Dorf

This ski holiday resort is world famous for its cross-country, down-hill skiing landscape and is regarded the premier winter sports destination in Europe. Visitors choose it for winter and summer sports adventures, family fun activities, health spa treatments, cultural entertainments, and Zen moments.

The Journey Into Davos

To get to Davos in Grisons, you can choose to travel by car, train or bus from Zurich Airport. This airport offers the best access into town. We took the car, driving just over 160 km or about two hours along the motorway into Lanquart-Davos before arriving into Davos-Klosters.

Train to Davos:

If you choose to take the train, prepare for a three hour journey from the airport. Train connections operate from Zurich’s Main Station to Davos every hour between 6am and 11 pm. I recommend you use the Swiss Federal Railways website to check timetables, arrange baggage services, and apply for free Davos-Klosters visitors’ cards.

Bus to Davos:

If you choose to take the daily bus service, travel is similar to a car journey. It’s approximately two hours long, travelling along Chur’s motorway route into Lanquart-Davos.

Where to Stay in Davos

Where to stay is admittedly a conundrum. You will find every sleeping arrangement possible from five-star hotels to nature-lover’s camping grounds.

We stayed at Ameron Swiss Mountain Hotel, which served our purpose nicely. It is a modern, personalised concept and family-oriented hotel, positioned close to skiing slopes and various amenities. It has a fantastic spa, a day play room for kids and a cosy bar to enjoy a drink or two in the evenings. The rooms are beautifully decorated and brand new, as the hotel only opened in December 2015.

Other hotel accommodation, between the high to mid-range budget, include:

  • Intercontinental Hotel – modern 5-star hotel with nicely decorated rooms, great amenities but a little too far out from town centre.
  • Belvedere – old style 5-star hotel, centrally located, romantic setting, great restaurants, a cosy bar, but average spa and room amenities.
  • Waldhotel Davos – a slightly cheaper option is this 4-star hotel, centrally located and close to slopes and restaurants.
  • Hilton Garden Inn – a nicely decorated modern 4-star hotel, offering easy access to town centre, and ski slopes.

Where to Dine in Davos

Here again, the sky is the limit for exceptional restaurants and cosy cafes that celebrate a diverse international flavour. Considering that there are over 140 restaurants in Davos-Klosters to savour,  we ventured out almost every evening,  enjoying some proper swiss fondue and michelin style dining.

Of special note was our fine dining affair at the award-winning Glow restaurant, owned by top chef Armin Amrein. We were tantalised with his extraordinary creations, and each freshly-made dish was a work of art and flavours. It was pure bliss. The best food I’ve had in Switzerland.

Glow restaurant in Davos

Glow restaurant in Davos

Things to Do in Davos

This is what Davos was designed for—Sports. The landscape takes you to new heights of fun activities including:

  • Skiing
  • Snow hiking
  • Snow boarding
  • Tobagganing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Indoor Sports
  • Ice Hockey Games (at Vaillant Arena)
Davos skiing

Davos skiing slopes

In addition, the Pischa, an alternative winter sports arena features sports activities designed for more athletic people. The landscape includes winter hiking, snow-shoe walking, free-riding, and ski tours in Flüela Valley mountain top. Visitors simply looking for an amazing atmosphere, family fun, and tranquillity, like me, can still find Pischa an unspoilt alternative to enjoy the mountains away from other “touristy” areas.