This blog is all about us ladies who try to balance motherhood with a career and personal projects with lifestyle and love, all while remaining sane in the process! 

The working mums way…

I’ve found that as we gracefully “dance through life” we feed off positive encounters and experiences. So this blog is all about creating more of these positive moments, and addressing any issues that we may face at work, or at home.

The motherhood, career and lifestyle balance

Heels Digest is where I will be sharing my trials and tribulations, small delights and insights, breakthroughs and setbacks, in the hope that my experiences will help support you during this challenging yet crazily rewarding time.

My advice is born from what works for me as I endeavour to pursue my career goals whilst bringing up my baby boy and enjoying a healthy, happy lifestyle (that includes a little luxury!) In addition, this blog also features travel posts and often focuses on personal projects. I hope this will inspire you to try something new, as new ventures can bring so much vibrance and positive energy into our lives.

I love to hear from those who have read my posts, so please do comment on any you enjoy, and feel free to get in touch with me via the contact page. In time I hope this blog (and the social media pages) will form the central point of a community of working mums, each benefitting from the shared wisdom of others.

So please join in and share your highs, lows, agonies and advice. Whether it’s to do with your career, parenthood, or lifestyle balance, I’d love to hear from you.