Prior to my son’s birth, I spent a lot of time researching what I would need to buy to keep my baby healthy, warm, clean, entertained, and most importantly happy. I was also keen (like all of us) to get him to sleep through the night, and to give both of us a much-needed rest. My son is the most important thing in my life, and I didn’t want to mess things up.

After countless hours on Amazon and mummy blogs, I felt obliged to spend lots of money on hundreds of must-have baby items. In the end, I only needed a fraction of it. To save you the time (and the money), I put together my favourite eight baby products in this article, which I have used from day 1, until 6 months.

Baby products you actually need:

1. Swaddlers

Swaddlers are the best thing ever. They not only keep your newborn baby comfortable and warm at night while replacing suffocation hazards like blankets and pillows, but they also make your baby look like a cute little flower that’s about to blossom. They come in 2-packs, so you can always wash one and have one in use. And – here comes the key selling point – my son has been sleeping through almost every night since month 2. Now if that’s not an argument to get this baby product, I don’t know what is.

2. Front-buttoned body suits

If this is your first child, I guarantee that nothing will freak you out more than putting anything over your baby’s head. Unfortunately, most of the bodysuits I got as baby shower presents were designed to be put on head-first, with buttons at the bottom, or no buttons at all. I ended up not using any of them, until my son was at least 3 months old. At the beginning, I only used the front-buttoned sleeping suits, which are very convenient to put on and off, and a godsend when it comes to changing nappies.

3. Soft Bouncer by Babybjörn

Did you know that if you use an electrical bouncer, it could teach your baby only to calm down when it’s being rocked? This was the major argument for me to look for an alternative, and boy was I lucky to find the Soft Bouncer. It rocks only if the baby is moving by itself, soothing it while developing your child’s motor abilities and balance. It’s not the cheapest option, but it will accompany your baby from being an infant until he is two years old. Also, the Soft Bouncer folds away flat and is ideal for travelling.

Baby Bouncer

Soft Bouncer by Babybjörn

4. Stokke Nursery Furniture

This elegant, yet extremely functional furniture line was just too perfect to resist. It’s made completely out of natural materials and is designed as a modular setup that can be adapted at one’s leisure. The Stokke nursery is admittedly a little pricy, but you can rest assured that you made a long-term investment and you will never look elsewhere.

5. Philips bottle sterilizer

Now this is an item that is available abundantly from countless providers. I have navigated through the jungle of offers and finally decided to buy the Avent microwave steam sterilizer by Philips. It’s a simple and effective solution, sterilizing multiple bottles within 2 minutes, using your microwave.

6. Bio-degradable nappies

If you face the decision whether to use natural, but more expensive nappies for your child, or a household brand like Pampers, ask yourself one question: Would you wrap your own bottom in plastic, or natural and breathable material which will not harm the environment? For me, it was a no-brainer, really. I use only bio-degradable Bamboo nappy brand for my son, and even more so since I once had to get some Pampers from the grocery store because I ran out. My son’s bum never had a rash before, but after just one day of using non-natural nappies, it was red as a tomato. He will probably not thank me for sharing this childhood memory with the internet, but if it helps to convince you to buy natural biodegradable nappies, it all served a good purpose.

7. Electric baby crib mobile

Your child will love it! A mobile that plays happy and soothing lullabies whenever it’s sleeping time will be a tremendous help to put your very much loved, but sometimes a bit exhausting baby to sleep. There are a lot of different models to choose from. Toys ‘R’ Us stocks a good variety.

mobile baby

Fisher-Price Rainforest Projection Mobile

8. A decent push chair

This is probably the item I did the most research on. I originally went for the Uppababy Vista 2015 series and was very satisfied with the pram. As soon as my son could sit upright, he started complaining about the seating position of the push chair – it was uncomfortable for him. So I researched some more and now bought the MAcLaren Techno XT Buggy. It is reasonably priced, has amazing functionalities, and my son couldn’t be happier. Also, I now feel like I’m pushing my baby around in a Formula 1 buggy – definitely worth it!