I always wondered if there is a set formula to be a successful woman. We all know that success is a broad term and that an idea of success for one person may seem like a failure to another. Guided by the fact that our perspectives are different, still, could there be some overarching set of habits that successful women follow?

While browsing the web on this very topic, I kept coming up with the same responses regurgitated over and over again. Then, I realised that it’s the attitudes behind these habits that make all the difference in female winners. Attitude is a far better predictor of success than family background and education. But that’s for another blog…..

To be successful (still generalising here), we need to adopt a positive can-do-it-all attitude to face our increasingly changing and evolving world and be ready for whatever it throws at us. Easier said than done, I know.

Here is my selection of six daily habits of successful women. They are straightforward, attainable and could help all of us ladies come closer to our goal, whatever it may be.

1. Succesful women set goals and achieve them

Successful women dream BIG. They start with a goal and then lay the foundation to achieving it. Goal setting serves as the master plan that will help get you closer to the finishing line. Your plan needs to be realistic and methodical to help you stay on track. But as every maker of a New Year’s resolution can attest, this is still difficult. To achieve goals, you must decide exactly what is it you want, determine the sacrifice you are willing to make, and resolve to making that sacrifice without looking back.

2. Successful women know their strengths and talents

Successful women know their net worth. They know their strengths and talents and the value they could bring to the table. They embody these qualities in a consistent, professional manner. Know your strengths by evaluating your skills and passions. Try out a Myers Briggs Personality test to determine your personality type and focus on projects and jobs where you can use your strengths to full potential.

3. Succesful women are self-disciplined

Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do, in the right timeframe, whether you feel like it or not. Many successful women are like worker bees starting early to get through tedious paperwork, returning emails, or crossing off items on a to-do list. These tasks are better done in the morning leaving room for higher priorities later in the day. Do what it takes to make your day more productive. Rising earlier is just one way to take control of your day, another is to act when inspired to get your best work done, regardless of the day of the week.

4. Succesful women know their work is important

Successful women believe in their work and recognise the important contribution they make to others. They have a healthy respect for what they do, and are willing to advocate this at every opportunity. If you don’t believe in your work, why should anyone else? Be proud of the role you play in other people’s lives.

5. Succesful women form valuable partnerships

Successful women recognise that they need to form valuable partnerships, like mentors and business partners, to help them succeed. Rachel Sklar, founder of TheLi.st puts it this way:

“Friendships that are first grounded in the shared professional ambitions—social stuff is built around that—and then you see people pulling each other up as they rise”.

Join clubs and online associations with people who share the same professional ambitions, values and loyalty for mutual benefit.

6. Succesful women want to be the best at what they do

Successful women make it a choice to be ahead of the pack. Only you can decide your destiny. Instead of being impacted by the world, successful women take on the world, and the universe had better get out of their way. It is a choice you make to be the best at what you do, it doesn’t happen by chance alone. You are as successful as you decide to be. However, don’t drive for success at the expense of others, especially other women. Always treat others as you would want to be treated, and be the best you can be without letting anyone else down.

What do you think? Do you have any habits of successful women that you would like to add? Please do in the comments!